By joining HC you will be given the opportunity to map the career of your choice in finance and will be working in a dynamic work place with a collaborative team that constantly drives you to grow. As a company we have a constant appreciation for uniqueness and individuality and provide the necessary environment to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

As an employee of HC you will benefit from a world of diverse backgrounds and talents in addition to an endless flow of knowledge and communication across departments. You will also have easy access to all managerial levels on a day-to-day basis who will appreciate your input and guide you to succeed.


NematAllah Choucri
Co-head of Research
HC Brokerage

My working experience with HC has been enjoyable and professionally rewarding. I am privileged to work with some of the industry’s best calibers, who in turn contribute positively to my professional skills. I also take great pride in working at a firm where professional ethics are never compromised. In my opinion, HC is a great working environment.


Mahmoud Waly
Associate, Investment Banking
HC Securities & Investment

Working in the investment banking department at HC Securities has been a both a pleasant and fruitful experience. During my tenor at HC I have had the privilege to work with a highly competent and professional team who offered me plenty of support and provided me with the necessary exposure which allowed me to develop as a professional. The working environment at HC provides the opportunity for talents to flourish and develop by providing the necessary support coupled with the drive for perfection that dominates the working culture in the investment banking department.


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