HC has always been recognized for its ability to help its clients reach their financial goals and satisfy their needs, which obliges us to extend our knowledge and expertise to help the community through our different CSR programs.


HC Securities & Investment sponsored the second Manial Palace Festival “Reviving heritage through music” 2019  ….. Read more

HC Securities & Investment sponsored the first Manial Palace Festival “Reviving heritage through music” 2018  ….. Read more


For second year in a row, HC sponsored the 19th Model of Egyptian Stock Exchange at Cairo University’s, Faculty of Economics and Political Science – 2016  ….. Read more

Economics and Political Science – 2015 ….. Read more


HC sponsored “HC School II” for the second year as a part of its initiative to provide graduates with the necessary skills to work in financial services industry – 2013 ….. Read more

As part of its responsibility towards future generations, HC offered a Training program “HC School I” for fresh graduates who are looking to enter the field of financial services – 2012 ….. Read more


– 2012 ….. Read more

HC took the initiative to donate 50 computers to the Fathet Khair Development Organization and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) – 2010 ….. Read more