HC School I Graduation Day

HC School I Graduation Day — 02 August 2012 —  Cairo Marriott Hotel —  HC Securities and Investment celebrated the graduation of the first class of HC School training program 2012, which is part of HC’s contributions to the community and the development of the Egyptian financial sector. Following unified test measuring how much students benefited from the program, the highest two achievers were offered an opportunity to join HC Securities and Investment on a 6-month rotational internship. Nada Khaled, one of the students taking part in the program said “I was honored to be part of such an effective program. This program made me eager to learn to an extent that I didn’t want the program to end. I believe that we are all winners despite that there will be only two winners announced. I appreciate all the efforts done to prepare such a comprehensive program.” “Following the great appeal the first round drew, HC has decided to organize the program biannually, with an upcoming round in the last quarter of the year,” said Mr. Hussein Choucri, Chairman and Managing Director of HC “Setting up this program stems from our firm belief of the importance of community service,” added Mr. Choucri