HC Asset Management tailors segregated investment portfolios to satisfy each of its clients according to their specific conditions and requirements.

Know Your Risk Type

Equity Portfolio: A portfolio that invests most of its assets in stocks of publicly traded companies. The portfolio earns returns from investing in stocks in the form of capital gains (the difference between buying and selling of these stocks) as well as dividends distributed by the invested companies. The objective of an equity portfolio is long-term growth through capital appreciation.

Fixed-Income Portfolio: A portfolio that invests primarily in bonds and other debt instruments. The exact type of debt the portfolio invests in will depend on the agreed upon strategy, but investments may include government and corporate bonds along with other debt securities. The objective of the portfolio is to generate steady income.

Cash Management Portfolio: A portfolio that invests in short-term debt obligations such as treasury bills. The objective of this portfolio is to provide daily liquidity and achieve higher returns than bank offerings through active management.

Balanced Portfolio:  A portfolio that combines stocks, bonds and money market instruments in one single portfolio. The objective of a balanced portfolio is to provide both income and capital appreciation.

Islamic Portfolio (Ethical Portfolio): A portfolio that invests most of its assets in stocks that comply with the principles of Islamic Sharia.. The objective of an Islamic equity portfolio is long term growth through capital appreciation.

Capital Preservation Portfolio:  A portfolio that invests mainly in Treasury Bills with a limited exposure to Equities. The portfolio aims to achieve rewarding returns while preserving capital utilizing a strict stop-loss policy.