Faculty of Economics and Political Science


CSR Title Model of Egyptian Stock Exchange
Start Date March 2016
End Date June 2016
Venue Cairo University

For second year in a row, HC sponsored the 19th Model of Egyptian Stock Exchange at Cairo University’s, Faculty of Economics and Political Science

Hussein Choucri: out of our belief in empowering and qualifying the youth, HC supports initiatives and students’ activities in this area and in line with announcing 2016 as the year of Egyptian youth.

HC Securities & Investment had provided academic sponsorship of the students’ activity through lectures by a group of top-notch experts from HC, allowing participants to arrive at a profound understanding of technical analysis, asset management, and Securities Brokerage. The lectures largely contributed to lay a strong foundation of understanding prior to running the model itself. The model is a real life simulation of the Egyptian Stock Exchange where they start practically implementing what they learned in the sessions.

The Conference lasted for 4 days and students came from different faculties; Economics and Political Science, Commerce both Arabic and English , Mass Communication , Architecture , and Computer Science from different Universities; Cairo, Ain Shams , Helwan , GUC , MIU , BUE , Ahram Canadian , CIC and FUE.

Following the simulation, best announced three brokers were offered an opportunity to join HC on a one-month internship.