FAB «Al Awal» Daily Cumulative Return Fund for Liquidity is re-opened now for subscription till the allowed limit is reached. To invest in the fund, please visit the nearest branch, hotline: 19977

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HC SERVICES A suite of full-fledged financial products and services

Since 1996

Investment banking firm serving clients in Egypt and the Middle East

At our core, we are committed to building relationships that our clients can leverage to reach their financial goals. By serving as the central hub that brings together private investors, financial institutions, and governments, we can help find tailored solutions that leverage our powerful network of partners.

With a wide range of financial experts working under the HC Securities & Investments banner, we provide clients with a diverse range of financial services. That includes everything from investment banking to asset management, securities brokerage, research, among others, through fully operational offices in Cairo, Egypt and in our other office located in Dubai in the UAE.

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