HC School I

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The HC school program aims to convey knowledge and experience to senior graduates of the Egyptian universities.

The first run of the program targeted nearly 20 students from private and public universities in Egypt including AUC, Cairo University, MSA, BUE and Modern Academy. Students in the program were of majors are economics, finance, accounting and business administration. The selection process was based on standardized tests with rigorous academic standards.

The program focused on educating senior students and fresh graduates on the basics of the financial sector business and the essential soft skills required to achieve excellent and efficient performance.

At the end of the program, the students administered a test that measured how much they benefited from the program. The 2 top performers joined HC for a 6 months rotational internship.

A group of HC’s experienced professionals volunteered to convey their knowledge to this group of high caliber trainees.


HC Training Program

As part of our responsibility towards future generations, HC offers a Training program for up and coming fresh graduates who are looking to enter the field of financial services. Students from different universities are welcome to attend the Training program where they will have hands on approach in different aspects of the field and have direct contact with the market and its needs.

At the HC Training program, we offer fresh graduates the basic needs for success in the financial sector by making them work hand in hand with professionals from the firm; who voluntarily offer their expertise as part of their responsibility towards nurturing new generations of financiers. We would like to believe that the HC Training Program offers the missing link between what academia offers and what the real market is like, making fresh graduates ready to face the challenges of entering the financial market.

Part of the students’ training involves actual work with professionals in the field where they offer assistance in fields such as investment banking, asset management, brokerage in the stock exchange and E-trading.

At the end of the program, the students sit for an exam and the two highest scoring individuals are offered a 3-month internship at HC with possible employment.