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HC Securities & Investment celebrated the graduation of the second class of students from HC School’s Training Program for 2012. The program sponsored by the company as a part of its initiative to provide graduates with the necessary skills to work in financial services industry.

The School Training Program is part of HC’s community investment endeavors which aims to convey knowledge and experience to senior and fresh graduates of universities in Egypt. It is an integrated program that focuses on training candidates on the basics of the financial sector business and the essential soft skills required to achieve excellent and efficient performance. Twenty two students from different public and private universities in Egypt attended the program.

The program aims at introducing students to concepts of financial services offered by financial institutions and supplying them with all main personal skills to efficiently perform their jobs in the financial sector. Voluntary efforts were extended by qualified HC’s staff to transfer their expertise to the student in various fields, out of the belief that it is the responsibility of private sector’s entities to inject a new generation of trained candidates into the labor market, hence, fulfilling the missing link between academic studies and professional job requirements. The volunteers offered assistance in fields such as investment banks, asset management, brokerage in the stock exchange and E-trading, Custody (Bookkeeping), main financial and technical analysis and corporate governance.

At the end of the program, HC announced the chance to have a Three-month internship in the company’s different departments for two students. The students were selected according to the results of a unified test for all students to measure how far they benefited from the curriculum in developing their personal and technical skills.

Mohammed Metwally, Deputy CEO at HC Securities & Investment, asserted the importance of the continuity of such programs to qualify Egyptian human resources to meet financial services market requirements.

“HC preserves its role towards the society through supporting and qualifying graduates and transferring practical expertise in financial services to acquire necessary tools and techniques that fit market requirements”, He added

HC Training Program

As part of our responsibility towards future generations, HC offers a Training program for up and coming fresh graduates who are looking to enter the field of financial services. Students from different universities are welcome to attend the Training program where they will have hands on approach in different aspects of the field and have direct contact with the market and its needs.

At the HC Training program, we offer fresh graduates the basic needs for success in the financial sector by making them work hand in hand with professionals from the firm; who voluntarily offer their expertise as part of their responsibility towards nurturing new generations of financiers. We would like to believe that the HC Training Program offers the missing link between what academia offers and what the real market is like, making fresh graduates ready to face the challenges of entering the financial market.

Part of the students’ training involves actual work with professionals in the field where they offer assistance in fields such as investment banking, asset management, brokerage in the stock exchange and E-trading.

At the end of the program, the students sit for an exam and the two highest scoring individuals are offered a 3-month internship at HC with possible employment.

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