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Cairo University SMS – 2012

Cairo University SMS

Cairo University

March 1, 2012

September 13, 2012


For the second year in a row, HC sponsors stock market simulation at Cairo University’s Faculty of Commerce HC presents introductory lectures, 4 universities take part.

For the sixth successive year, the Cairo University’s Scientific committee successfully carried out its 2012 Educational
Stock Market Simulation (SMS 2012) with students from 4 universities (Cairo, Ain Sahms, Helwan and 6th of October
universities) taking part.

The program was divided into two sections: the first was a series of preparatory lectures while the second was the simulation. A chain of illustrative lectures on the fundamentals and workings of stock market and share trading was provided by a group of top-notch experts from HC Securities & Investment, allowing participants to arrive at a profound understanding of financial and technical analysis, investment funds, online trading as well as the basics of stock market at large. The lectures largely contributed to lay a strong foundation of understanding prior to running the simulation itself.

With a 90-member team of organizers from academic, organizational and human resources committees, 400
students from diverse majors and academic years benefited from the program.