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HC Brokerage awarded best Forecaster of Egypt’s Fiscal Balance – 2024 by Focus Economics

For the second year, HC Brokerage awarded an Egypt Best Forecaster in one of Focus Economics’ macro forecasts categories

  • HC Brokerage’s Research Team has been awarded for its exceptional performance for the second consecutive year from the prestigious Focus Economics, winning the Best Forecaster of Egypt’s Fiscal Balance in the 2024 FocusEconomics Analyst Forecast Awards.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the team’s proactive efforts in building robust relationships with a diverse range of experts and sources, enabling them to gain valuable insights into economic trends and events, improving the accuracy of their forecasts, and earning them well-deserved recognition in the industry.

FocusEconomics is a leading provider of economic analysis and forecasts for 198 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, as well as for 30+ key commodities. Each month, FocusEconomics surveys over 1,500 economic experts from national and international banks, top financial institutions, and economic research companies to obtain their projections for the main economic indicators and elaborate the Consensus Forecast, which is the average of all individual forecasts. FocusEconomics has established a solid reputation among the most renowned financial institutions, multinational companies, consulting firms and government agencies as a reliable source for timely and accurate business intelligence.

Hassan Choucri, Managing Director of HC Brokerage, expressed his pride in this achievement for the second year in a row, he added: “HC continues to grow its capacities in providing accurate forecasts and analysis related to the Egyptian economy indicators in general, especially in light of the economic and geopolitical developments the world is witnessing today. We are always keen to maintain our position as a leading provider of financial research services in the Egyptian market through a wide range of solutions.”

In 2023, HC Brokerage research team won the prestigious “The Best Overall Forecaster for Egypt in the 2023 Focus Economics Analyst Forecasts Awards”. The Research team also secured the top spot in inflation forecasts and ranked third in exchange rate and fiscal balance forecasts.

It is worth noting that HC Brokerage is an affiliate of HC Securities & Investment– the full-fledged investment bank has consistently maintained its position as a dynamic participant in the region. The company’s primary objective is to support its partners, clients, and staff in achieving their goals by providing exceptional financial services in various markets across the region.